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This is just a site dedicated to my blog (currently up) and my comic (not currently up, either). Yeah I'm making a comic, I plan on it being something along the lines of twilight zone. Not the same thing but a comic like it, you know where the characters have sci fi adventures. It will be good. I plan on it being a little funny.

march something I found a better and easier place to have a site, go now, it DA

Da 26
I's lazy. I joined go there now, I am go now.

Da 12th
Sorry, but I havn't gotten around to making a new Feb banner. So for now, its just a plain little devider. Oh well. You can look forword to a new feature soon. I am writing a little story now, and I plan to finish soon. When I do I will add it here. I also plan on adding a new little Quiz.

Da 17 :: ::
Hi yah! Ok, I worked on the toc a little more. eh, not much important stuff

Da 13 :: ::
Hi yah, well I have begon making the t o c !!! Yay!

Oh god, I hate that stupid math teacher of mine. He must be the cruelest person alive. Its so annoyting in his class. A while ago, my parents and all 7 of my teachers had a confrence to see how I was doing it school. **i think it goes without saying, how i did** It was going good for a little while, but then, there came my math teacer, mr. budd. After a few mins. of telling my parents how bad I was doing, they came to the conclusion that I needed to be moved away from my friends. You see we would sit in the back of the room, and **sometimes** we **may** have gotten **to loud**. So anyway, now I have to sit in the front of the room, away from my friends.

Da 5th :: ::
site ::
I plan on adding a new table of contents page soon, maybe today. Just so you know, that page will be a page that just holds information on my mind. It will have a few topics and I'll book what i know off the top of my head, go see it later, or now whether your reading this when I have it up, if its not up then later if it is then now.

Da 4th :: ::
me ::
Yes thats right its the forth, the worst day of all time! You want to know why its the worse day? You don't ok then, NO WAIT, i'm going to tell you anyway! because tomarrow I have to go back to school, that means that I have to start reading and start faceing Mrs. Crawford. Who's Mrs. Crawford you ask, well stay tunned and I'll keep you updated.
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I finnaly started adding Zim Stuff! Yay ! But for now just visit, or for all your Zim needs, those are links by the way.
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